The Hifidelio MP3 player backup solution

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The program DiskSync was written by me to backup the internal disk of my Hifidelio to an external USB drive. It has been designed to create a complete backup of the music data and allow a restore of not only the audio tracks but also the play- and searchlists and the rest of the preferences.

DiskSync welcome screen

Key Features

  • The audio tracks are written as single files to disk and can be accessed on any computer capable of reading EXT3 filesystems.
  • Incremental backups save only changes and therefore improve the time needed for subsequent backups.
  • The program can be operated from the front panel controls. No need to use a computer or network and type commands after the installation is done.
  • Messages on screen are available in german and english depending on the selected locale of the device.
  • An indicator in the display shows the progress of the backup or restore operation.
  • Details of the backup and restore are written to a logfile into the import folder and can be accessed over the network.
  • No changes of the installed software on the Hifidelio are necessary.